AT Cables

Advanced Technology for Your Ears

Speaker Cable

Unlike most speaker cable designs the AT Cables speaker cable uses solid core conductors of pure silver-covered copper. Again, the use of these materials is superior to all-copper designs because it gives a better top end and superior to all-silver designs because it gives a deep bass only found when using copper. Also AT Cables speaker cables are shielded using an "active ground" design. Get ready to experience your music like you've never heard it before. Three dimensional imaging along with stout, musical bass make the AT Cables speaker cable one you will want to keep in your system forever. Comes with choice or combination of bananas and spades.

All cables include a Transferable Lifetime Warranty against defect.

8' - $1,299 pair

10' - $1,325 pair

15' - $1,450 pair

20' - $1,650 pair

30' - $1,775 pair