AT Cables

Advanced Technology for Your Ears

About Us

AT Cables was founded in 2002.

After working with my ears and the technical know-how of one of the audio industries foremost cable designers, we were able to create the AT Cables line. It exemplifies everything important to me; delicacy, image, soundstage, pace, rhythm, beauty, and most of all, value."

Our goal is to be a high quality alternative to very expensive audio cables. We do not run ads and we only sell direct in order to give you the best possible value. AT Cables designs are created and manufactured by a longtime expert in audio cable design (Verastarr) and utilize only the highest quality components for a lifetime of use and enjoyment.

All cables include a Transferable Lifetime Warranty against defect. If anything ever happens, no matter how old they are or who bought them, we will repair or replace them at no charge.